How to take care of your reindeer leather watch strap

1787 Straps are very durable but they are made of natural materials so by following these guidelines you can prolong the lifespan of your reindeer leather watch strap.

-There is no need to baby the straps, they are meant to be worn in any weather and any activity. Over time your strap will develop it´s own unique characteristic and rugged look.

- Putting on and taking off the strap puts stress on the same spot each time and should be done smoothly. Pushing the buckle upwards with your thumb is recommended.

- Pushing the strap through the keepers should not be forceful, guiding the strap smoothly helps the keepers last as long as the strap.

- You can rub the reindeer lightly with a dry cotton cloth to get minimal water stains or dry dirt out. Never rub the leather with a dirty cloth or fingers.

- Cleaning the strap with leather/saddle soap will darken the leather. If you clean it with leather soap use minimal amount of soap with a damp (not wet) cotton cloth. Rub it lightly onto the leather covering the whole strap to get an even color trying not to rub the stitching.

- Never use an abrasive material on the leather if you are going to clean it 

-If the strap is exposed to an excessive amount of water or sweat give it some time to breath and let it expel all moisture. Not wearing it for 24 hours should do the trick.

- Wearing your strap tightly will wear out the buckle holes faster