How to order a custom made reindeer leather watch strap

Before ordering our straps we recommend following these guidelines to ensure that the strap fits your watch and wrist perfectly.

Step one: Measure the watch you will be putting the strap on.

Lug width measured in millimeters determines how wide your strap should be to fit your watch. Two things you can do. Take a ruler, tape measure or any instrument with mm (or inches and convert) and measure the width of the lugs where the strap is fastened like in the pictures below. You can also measure an the old strap that fits your watch.

When ordering a strap you can choose to have a non-tapered or tapered strap. The first nr. is always the lug width (example: Tapered - 20/18 = 20 mm at the lugs down to 18 mm at the buckle, Non-tapered - 20/20 = 20 mm lugs and 20 mm buckle)


In these pictures the lug width is 18 mm.

Step two: measure your wrist. 

To determine what length of strap to choose you can follow the sizing guide below. 

Length around wrist where watch is worn Length of strap (tail/buckle)
 14-15.9 cm  105/70 (small)
16-17.9 cm 115/75 (standard)

18-20.9 cm

125/80 (large)

21-23 cm

135/85 (Xtra Large)

If you have a strap on hand you know fits your wrist perfectly you can also measure that for comparison. If the strap on hand does not fit you take a size below or above as needed. The sizing guide is only for comparison.

Thread choices 

Below are the thread choices you can choose from for stitched straps. From left, white, brown, tan, black, red and blue. For the vintage style straps the colors available are white, brown and black.


Special requests

If you have any special requests regarding your order don´t hesitate to contact us for further information through e-mail / Facebook or Instagram.

For example if you need a shorter/longer strap than specified in the drop down menu when ordering. Straps for watches with "fat spring bars". Different loops/keepers than in the pictures. Just  send us a line and we will do our best to meet your requests.